Not According to Plan

Remember me?

I’m the guy who said – a year ago! – “My goal is to post something twice a month.” Clearly that didn’t happen.

I thought 2014 would be different; it would be my year of writing. It was. Yet again, I wrote every single day…and yet again none of it involved the words I promised myself. It wasn’t a year of “something good” or “something bad,” but rather “a bit of both.” The usual excuses of “busy” and tired” abounded after wading through months of murky deadlines. I went on some phenomenal trips and dealt with a few personal lows, all while failing to meet my greater objective.

It’s time to try again.

Yes, I know the idea of January being the ideal time to start fresh is completely arbitrary. “We all know it,” writes Warren Ellis. “But it’s a good story, so we keep on telling it. Every year, on and on. And who’s to say that, one golden year, it might not come true?”

See, I like stories. I believe in stories. Maybe 2015 will be the year the tale…the ideal…becomes a reality. I don’t know what form my writing will take. Maybe I’ll follow Ellis’ lead even further and concentrate on short bursts à la Morning, Computer. Once again, I have a few ideas that might be too ambitious for a while. I need to remind myself the research and effort will be worth the tiredness.

No matter your 2014 experience, I wish you better and wonderful 2015. Get to work at making that happen. I’m doing it right now.