The Bard, The Dude, and Your Quotes: A Novel-T Contest

Novel-T offers literary and film buffs a chance to win their William Shakespeare shirt and a book signed by Adam Bertocci. The author’s reinterpretation of The Big Lebowski inspired the contest’s rules. To learn how you can win, read Novel-T’s Facebook post.

Jonathan Ames’ Network-ed Blunt Talk

Blunt Talk creator/showrunner/writer, author, and Novel-T Second Baseman Jonathan Ames knows when to follow his own recommendations. He advises, “[I]f there’s a style of someone that you like, if something appeals to you, you should try to write in that style…You should write what excites you, but put it through your own spirit.” Such wisdom enables Ames to channel Network, Paddy Chayefsky and Sidney Lumet’s brilliant media satire, into the first two episodes of the new Starz series without compromising his own comic voice.

I discuss Jonathan Ames’ hilarious new show in the latest Novel-T blog.

Novel-T’s Living Author Collection is on sale throughout the weekend.

Nostalgic to a T: Let’s Get Dangerous!


Other than he existed, I knew very little about Batman in 1991. It would be years before I even heard about the Shadow, Sandman, and Green Hornet. Tad Stones, however, prepared me for these iconic pulp characters. Continue reading Nostalgic to a T: Let’s Get Dangerous!

Nostalgic to a T: 10K Years Will Give You Such a Crick in the Neck!


It was animation, but it truly seemed like magic to me. Seeing the Genie on screen in a theater in 1992 blew my mind. I couldn’t believe he could contort his frame and voice into anyone or anything imaginable (and maybe even unimaginable). After viewing the film with my parents, they pointed out the source of the character’s genius: Robin Williams.

Just a few of Robin Williams' Genie expressions. No shirt could contain them all.
Just a few of Robin Williams’ Genie expressions. No shirt could contain them all.

I think I had already begun watching Mork and Mindy on Nick at Nite, so I least had a passing awareness of Williams’ comic frenzy. Once again I lapped up one sip of pop culture, which led me to spiral for more. “Who was this character he played?” I asked my parents. “Who was the Genie’s muscle-bound guy? Who was the thin-framed talk show host? Who was the guy with a cigar?”

I’m not sure if any of these cultural references were in the original Aladdin script or if they all sprung from Williams’ love of Warner Bros. cartoons. Either way, the man’s frenetic pace led to long conversations with my parents (and a few VHS viewings) about George Burns, Jack Nicholson, and Marx Brothers’ material.

Nostalgic to a T: Power and Responsibility


I had kinship with Peter Parker. I don’t mean the animated, stiff, always-wearing-the-same-clothing version I first discovered on Fox Kids. Nor do I mean the married-to-a-super-model adult who happened to have a few clones in the ’90s comics. I mean the Peter Parker Stan Lee and Steve Ditko originally envisioned. Continue reading Nostalgic to a T: Power and Responsibility

Nostalgic to a T: Life Is Like a Hurricane


At some point while reminiscing, I devolved into blathering blatherskite.

I can’t remember what sparked my interest in the Disney Afternoon. Likely the friendly corporate name in the programming block’s title gave my parents the confidence to approve some dedicated viewing in the ’80s. Through this, I discovered Donald Duck’s extended family on DuckTales. Continue reading Nostalgic to a T: Life Is Like a Hurricane

Nostalgic to a T: Cowabunga!

The desire to wear my past infected me too.

Retro style t-shirts likely proliferated because some designer wanted a theme party night (‘70s, ‘80s, 90s…). The style choked the world in nostalgia until creativity became stagnant. Continue reading Nostalgic to a T: Cowabunga!